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My passion for design and drawing came from an afternoon where warm sunshine splashed all over me and my paper as I sat in the grass covered pasture trying to draw my first cow, Emily.  I wanted to be able to draw her well so much.  Well, it was a disaster in my 6th grade opinion, but that planted the seed for more exploration and a degree in Graphic Design and Illustration later in life.

I’ve learned that everything about art and design is a process, and patience is a must.  That is where the client comes in today.  I try and take the client step by step through the design process, involving and engaging them in the work.  My primary means of communication and exploration is pencil and sketchbook.  I solve almost all of my problems design-wise in a sketchbook before ever touching the computer.

I do a variety of creative communication from website design to lettering.  My travels throughout Europe and Mexico during college and graduate school influence my eye. Creative communication is my passion, and it interests me to be continuously be learning and using the latest trends while perfecting the classic techniques.

I am ready to jump in and design something that will excite and engage you! I have 10 plus years of experience freelancing and am expert in designing clear, cohesive marketing materials with my strong conceptual abilities and well-honed eye for design. I welcome new challenges everyday. For more work, please visit my page. Or, to contact me, click here. Come on board and let’s discover clear blue skies and sunny green pastures!


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